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Frequently asked questions

Call out charges
The most Frequently asked question is, do we charge a call out charge.
Free call out charge is a fallacy! You just have to think about it, would you go out to work for nothing? I am guessing the answer is no!
Some companies claim free call out charge but some just add it to the bill, so you could end up paying more in the end. Our charges are straight forward, we do not have any hidden charges. If we go to a job in the Manchester area that we can do there and then you will be given a price for that job, therefore, you will not pay a call out charge (just the price of the job).
If we have to come away and quote and order a part for that appliance that we do not carry on the van then we charge a small £25.00 call out, once we quote you for the job and you say yes go ahead we order the part and when we do the job then £25.00 is deducted from the quote. (So you get it back). This is to cover us should you say you are buying a new machine.

If the appliance is beyond repair, then again we will offer you a price on a replacement appliance and charge a £25.00 call out, should you buy the appliance from us, again the £25.00 is deducted from the quote you were given. Check out our Satisfied customer reviews.

Delivery & fitting charges.
Delivery and fitting is free in the Manchester area. If there are stairs or cellars involved then we charge a 20.00 delivery fee.

Removal of old appliances.
If we are supplying you with a replacement appliance, the removal of old appliances is free of charge in the Manchester area.
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