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Can I Put My Trainers In My Washing Machine?

Can I put My Trainers In My Washing Machine?

Can You Clean Shoes In A Washing Machine?

Here at Able Domestics we go to a lot of washing machine repairs related to damage from washing shoes and when we give the diagnosis the main question we get asked is “why? can I put my trainers in my Washing Machine?”

We’re going to give you the know-how for you to clean shoes in a washing machine safely without damaging your machine and have them looking like new.

How To Clean Shoes In A Washing Machine

Before you go throwing your favourite shoes in the washing machine, there’s a few things you need to know.

Not all shoes are suitable to go into your washing machine!!.

For example, leather shoes should never be cleaned in a washing machine. Shoes with a lot of embellishments or decorations should be hand-washed, Shoes with suede fabric should not be washed in your washing machine.

When in doubt, check the tags for cleaning instructions.

Ok. Now the boring stuff’s out of the way, lets go through how to clean your shoes in a washing machine.

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Step 1:  Arm yourself with the correct Supplies

As well as your washing machine, you’re going to need some good quality laundry detergent or powder, a pillowcase, and some towels.

Step 2: Remove your Laces
The laces should be cleaned separately in a small laundry bag. This will prevent them from getting caught up in the drum of the machine, and will also ensure that they come out just as clean as your shoes.

Step 3: Pack The Shoes
The last thing you want is for your favouite shoes to shrink or come out mis-shaped. Packing your shoes full with some old tea towels will help the shoes to keep their shape and prevent them from getting damaged in the wash.

Step 4: Bag ‘Em Up!!
Wrap a towel around the shoes then put the whole thing into the pillowcase, this will prevent damage from the agitation of the machine and protect your washing machine drum. 

how to wash rinning shoes in your washing machine

Step 5: Programme The Machine
You may be lucky enough for your machine to have a shoe cycle setting! If not, you need to set your washing machine to a gentle cycle such as delicates or wools.

Once the cycle is complete, remove your shoes from the washing machine straight away to prevent mis-shaping.

Now that your shoes are clean, it’s important to dry them properly.


How To Dry Shoes That Have Been Washed In A Washing Machine

Step 1: Stuff ‘Em Like A Turkey!

Pack your shoes full with newspaper or paper towels to help dry out any remaining moisture from the inside of the shoes. Packing them well will also help to maintain their shape while they dry.

Step 2: Tumble Dryer Is Out!

Make sure to air dry your shoes, never tumble dry!

Place your shoes in a well-ventilated area, but try to avoid direct sunlight or any heat sources such as radiators. This will prevent any damage to the material and build of the shoes and also help to maintain the integrity of the shoes.

Step 3: Be Patient – Don’t Rush The Process

At this point you need to trust the process. If they’re well packed and well ventilated, nature will do the rest. Make sure you allow your shoes to dry completely before wearing them again. This can take up to 24 hours but it’ll all be worth it!

Hey Presto!

If you followed these instructions your shoes should now be clean, fresh and smelling great, but most importantly not mis-shaped and looking like new again with no damage to your washing machine.

Just make sure to check the material to be certain that it’s suitable before you wash them in a washing machine. Always use a gentle cycle and good quality detergent. And remember to patiently air dry them once they’ve been cleaned to maintain the look and feel of the shoes.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and found it informative. If you are unlucky enough to have already damaged your washing machine by washing your shoes in it then contact us today for a relaible and cost effective washing machine repair service that will get you back up and running quickly without any inconvenience.

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